Technology Services

Technocrat Xp@ LTD helps organization to capture, maintain and report on their business data.We offer IT solutions ,systems integration, networking, Strategiic IT planning and Data base systems.

Video class

Our video class services helps you accomplish your task and the video class helps you master alot of skills hereby giving you a ground knowledge in your choosen area of specializing.This device is capable of describing devices for streaming video.

E-speed Flows

These microsoft powerpoint dowling speed cyrve helps our clients determine the appropriate speed flow curves for predicting data points and equations.

E- Speed

This is a technology service we provide that enables our cliets provide depositing service to their clients, its the world’s fastest computed tomography.

E-speed adverts

This ultimate traffic management solution helps our clients deliever top class result on time every time. It is also geared towards helping our marketing communication agencies realize higher productivity and quicker return on their investments.