IT Strategy

A strategic planning process is necessary for an organization of any size, to increase efficiencies or gain a competitive advantage. Information Technology plays a crucial role in the success of your business. All companies can benefit from a strategic plan that combines business planning and information technology planning into a winning formula. Smaller organizations often lack the knowledge or resources to undertake a strategic planning process for information technology. That’s where Technocrat Xp@ comes in.

Strategic Planning Process

A strategic IT plan is a road map that guides you through all the steps to get your organization from where it is today, to where it needs to be in the future. There are 3 basic steps that need to be undertaken,

  • Assess the state of your organization today.
  • Develop a vision of your organization in the future.
  • Develop a plan to move your organization towards the future goal.
Assessing the Current State of Your Organization

Realizing the current state of your organization’s technology and business usage of it can be a difficult task. Technocrat Xp@ has spent over a decade refining the approach and methodology to capture the state of an organization, quickly and efficiently. Our checkpoint analysis is similar to taking your vehicle in for it’s 200-point inspection. We check and inspect hundreds of ‘points’ in your business, from physical IT infrastructure to key business processes that are supported by technology. This gives you an accurate picture of the state of your business today, and allows you to prepare for the future.

Developing the Future Vision

Technocrat IT works closely with your senior management to identify IT strengths, weaknesses, and areas to leverage your IT technology strategically. We work with the goals of your business, ensuring your IT technology is aligned and that Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are accurately measured. We synthesize this into a vision of your organization for both the short-term and the long-term.

Developing a Plan to Get You There

Once we have the starting point of a current assessment and the end point of a short-term and long-term vision, we develop a plan to move your organization towards its future goal. This project plan outlines all the required tasks to move forward, which will utilize your organizations staff and may use Technocrat IT’s staff or 3rd party organizations.