Biometric Services

FastMatcher Supreme

Biometric solution for large-scale AFIS

FastMatcher Supreme 1.0 is a biometric solution for fast fingerprint matching on server-side part of a large-scale AFIS. The Standardversion is intended to be run on a common server and does not include any hardware. The Extended version includes server hardware and software for fast fingerprint matching on server-side part of a large-scale AFIS. FastMatcher Supreme 1.0 Standard software and FastMatcher Supreme 1.0 Extended units can be purchased by new and existing FastMatcher Standard or Extended customers. We sell full ready to use Softwares(not just an SDK) and are prepared to customize it to meet your needs. (Also see our Biometrics and Patent pages for additional information about the our biometric pedigree and processes)

Why FastMatcher Supreme?
  • Available as ready-to-use AFIS solution with server hardware or as AFIS software for running on a common Server.
  • Exceeds 1,000,000 fingerprints per second matching speed on a single unit.
  • Scalable cluster architecture.
  • International fingerprint template standards support.
  • Works on both Linux and windows OS.
  • Works on Windows based Mobile devices: PDA,handheld e.t.c
  • Suitable for duplicates search.
  • Suitable for Election use as it complies with international standard of release of full Source code for independent verification.

Technology details

  • Features and Capabilities.

    FastMatcher Supreme 1.0 is available as software in Standard version and as server hardware solution in Extended version. The Accelerator performs fast fingerprint matching, supports international standards and is suitable for duplicates search.

  • Cluster software and FastMatcher Supreme in high productivity AFIS

    FastMatcher and FastMatcher Supreme include cluster software that allows to scale up the AFIS to reach the required response time, database capacity and system robustness…

  • FastMatcher Supreme 1.0 contents

    The Standard version is available as installation CD and fingerprint matching software. The Extended version is available as HP Proliant server hardware with pre-installed OS and fingerprint matching software.

  • Technical specifications.

    The Standard version stores 3 million fingerprints and matches 1Million fingerprints per second. The Extended version stores 10 million fingerprints and matches the fingerprints per second.

  • System requirements for FastMatcher Supreme 1.0 Standard software.

    A PC with Intel 6 Core processor running at 2.66 GHz and 16 GB of RAM.

  • Technical support.

    3 years warranty is provided by HP for the server hardware. Free unlimited technical support is provided